Birthstone Rings For Mothers

Of all the available mothers rings online, birthstones have always succeeded for quite a centuries now and has remained to be still very popular in giving a ring a personal flair for it somewhat resembles a symbol of one’s identity.

Today, there a huge variety to choose from when you plan to give rings for your mothers. Customization with birthstones is one example to represent every mothers out there and it’s the most beloved and touching way to show to the world how dear and important they are to you.

Too Early To Be Broke

I’m afraid I have a terminal disease with severe symptoms of extravagant spending and unnecessary shopping. And would you believe, it’s just been 5 days since pay day and I’m already broke. And that’s way too early to be broke.

too early to be broke

I’m broke but not totally since I’ve already set aside money for monthly savings and monthly dues. So what I really mean is, I’m broke spending almost everything of my “daily expense” I’m left with just enough for the rest of the days till the next payday. Well, I guess this would teach me how to budge more wisely and spend the minimum.

Thanks to my daily expense liquidation, I was able to track where my money was spent and a high percentage really did go to things and miscellaneous.

Good luck to me, then!

15 Day Daily Expense Failure

The squanderer inside me once again showed during the past days which led me to failure of my daily expense liquidation. In fact, I even withdraw some cash from my bank just to quench its hunger. It was my first comeback savings’ hardwork (two paydays passed) and I just easily and lavishly spent it on useless things.

But today comes another pay day and I promise to be seriously focused on spending after saving. With that, I’m going to create my virtual daily expense liquidation.

Daily Expenses: The Art of Liquidating

Liquidating daily expenses might somewhat resemble a sign of an Obsessive Compulsive disorder but believe me this is an art that requires no talent and can help you in your day to day life.

Liquidating doesn’t have to be done every after purchase or every time you expend on something rather just doing it at the end of the day, daily. Why? Because the activities done for that day are still very fresh in your brain that though the listing has been delayed for hours, you can still partly remember everything. Well, it doesn’t have to be everything but at least you are able to record most of it. This way, you are able to track your expenses where your money went. You’ll be able to assess if you’ve spent your money wisely or not. Stuffs like, “Have you spent too much on your wants for this month?”; “Have you spent big on a dinner?”. liquidating daily expenses

I just started on a small notebook where every page is designated for every date. It starts with cash on hand with the amount written at the right part then followed by your daily expenses with its respective amount still written at the right part in line with the amount of cash on hand. At the end part then you’ll be able to subtract the total of your daily expenses from your daily cash on hand. The difference will then be your cash on hand for the next day.

liquidating daily expenses

COH – cash on hand
amount encircled in green – COH
amount encircled in green – amount left which will then be your next day’s COH

Notice that addition has also been used. So in case, someone paid you for something you can still include it in your daily expenses (every cash transactions or exchange made during the day).

I’ll be drafting this for the rest of 15 days. After which, I’ll be transferring this one in excel for ease and accurate results. Just keep posted.

4 Advantages of Marking Monthly Dues On Your Calendar

It’s nearing end of the month and I’m still at the point of saving for my monthly dues. I don’t exactly know when the specific deadline is but I’m pretty sure it was just days ago the last time I payed for it.

Then, I recently got messages, reminders of some of my monthly dues. Oh boy did I just missed the deadline. For phone bills, it’s not a problem since it will just add up for the next month payment. But for other stuffs like Avon, (hehe I usually splurge for the fact that I can get products instantly without actually handling out cash) once you’ll miss the due date, the discounts will be forfeited and you’ll be forced to pay the regular prices which means that would be a pricier.

monthly dues

So, I’ve decided I’ll mark my calendars with all of my monthly dues. The advantages are below:

  1. You’ll be aware of the due dates
  2. You’ll know what and which to prioritize or pay first.
  3. You’ll be able to plan how to pay it. (If you have a very expensive thing that will be due months from now, you can plan earlier like dividing the full price in the number of remaining months. Things like that.)
  4. You’ll never run out of cash because you are able to set aside money for it. No more out of the blue payments because you forgot the deadline.

The Best Way To Save on Pay Day

It’s pay day and what is the first thing you usually do?

What I do? It would just be killing time either in a coffee or tea shop, reading some magazine, surfing the net in my tablet while drinking my favorite tea or coffee. The feeling is very relaxing like there’s nothing to care about because I currently am enjoying what is at the moment.

But at the end of the day, the real burden comes to senses when you realize 10% of your salary has been actually subtracted from what… from just a whole afternoon doing nothing and sipping a drink. If your pay day comes in a bimonthly schedule, you are left with 90% to spend for the rest of 14 days. But what about the monthly dues? Electrical bill? Water? and so other?

save on pay day

What I suggest? How about spending your pay day in a different twist?

If you really want to spend the whole afternoon doing nothing then you can still do that but does it always be in a coffee shop wherein you can mindlessly spend fortunes for a cup of coffee and a snack to pair? I bet what you just really need is a place where there are tables and chairs. Am I right?

So what I did, since I already ate some cupcake while heading to the mall, all I just need is a drink to quench my thirst (needs vs wants: do i really need to pair my drink with a snack?). There were tables and chairs outside the grocery along the array of food and drinks stalls so it looks just the right place. I ordered a 20 buck small lemonade (needs vs wants: i always order large but i end up not finishing it so i ordered small instead). Then, the next thing to do? Budgeting your salary, the best way to save on pay day.

It’s not actually the act of doing it but on the process while doing it. Because while you are at the process of listing all the expenses, dues and so on, you get to be aware of what is really needed to be spent on. And by the time you are budgeting or dividing your salary to the following lists, you slowly feel guilty how you lavishly spend your money on useless stuffs thereby ending up spending less than what you usually spend on your pay day.

I was supposed to be eating dinner out but because I was aware of how much money is left, I decided to just go home to save on pay day.

Dining Room Must Haves: Burlap Fitted Tablecloths

Tablecoths can sometimes be a mess especially when your tables are a bit shiny, throwing a table cloth on it can never fit or stay perfectly in place. Either it will fall or just be danggling around.

But when you say Burlap Fitted Tablecloths, it’s a whole different story. Since the cloth is match size for your table, throwing it can never be hassle. It just perfectly fits.

It’s secured as well so wherever or whoever is sitted behind the table, the cloth is perfectly attached and secured on the table.

Maleficent: Behind Every Evil is a Great Story to Tell

It’s just this time when I’m able to use up my free time for blog updates. In fact, I’ve watched Maleficent during it’s debut. So I’m gonna start with a question as which movie was created first? Frozen or Maleficent?

Ever since the movie, Frozen has been shown in theatres, everyone’s been blabbering as how fairytales corrupted our minds about true love. How it proved that true love doesn’t always come from a handsome prince.

Then, now it’s Maleficent. The same twist story about true love plus more. How the villains became what or who they are which put us to a generalization that behind evry evil is a great story to tell. No wonder it’s named Maleficent instead of sleeping beauty.

So what’s next? That should be Cinderella. I can’t be more excited as to what to expect after witnessing a lot of twists. The trailer? It’s revolving around the shoes.

World Class Services Reputation

A better approach to senior housing tecnology that provies both efficiency and effecitivity wherein facilities used and time dedicated by nurses, IT professionals, consultants, trainers and customer care experts are being saved and at the same quality of care is still neing maintained and raised has emerged. It comes under the image of that is all about healthcare technology aiming to deliver the best products to their customers of course run by world class support software.

Once Upon a Time: X-men Days of Future Past

In every child’s memory and any marvel fan, there will always be that familiar story filled with all the amazing mutant charactars we all love. They call themselves, the X-Men.

Until one day, they found themselves trapped in a war, vulnerable to the strongest enemy in which their powers were seemed to be like stolen and copied. But thundrous powerful Kitty, brought someone alike, Wolverine once upon a time.

What happened then?

X-men days of future past

They were all lost in a magical world, a fairytale for their happy ending.

Who’s the evil queen?

A Mystique that everyone should be Raven about.

I just watched x-men Days of future past in 3D. Totally amazing! This is one way I keep away from spilling the beans.haha

A 5-day Brazilian Affair of Make of your Own Havaianas 2014 in CDO

It’s again the time of the year when Havaianaticos gather for the annual Make Your Own Havaianas! This time, MYOH 2014 would be a trip to the land where Havaianas was founded, Brazil.

MYOH 2014

As an avid fan of this event, a lot of modifications were made. Since I have not joined last year’s, I kinda made a lot of expectations. MYOH 2013 was held at Ayala Centrio activity center in which the area was not only packed with Havaianaticos but MYOH assemblers as well (outnumbering from Limketkai’s usual MYOH event).

First, the area was a bit degraded at Spruce store Limketkai. I thought the Spruce store was only dedicated for MYOH 2014 First Dibs. However, the number of days was shockingly extended from the usual 3 days to 5. I guess that’s the point of compensating the small area. Second was the MYOH 2014 assemblers. Just a handful of them. Blame it to the small area.

MYOH 2014

Moving on… The most awaited part is this year’s pins and commemorative soles. Expect for a Brazilian affair for this year’s MYOH. All about the country and its culture are at the forefront of the embellishments at MYOH 2014 while an exclusive Cagayan de Oro pins are also available.

MYOH 2014

I haven’t tried yet choosing a commemorative sole so this year might just be a good time for it.

MYOH 2014

The commemorative soles feature printed bonfims. Bonfims are wish ribbon bracelets used in a 200-year-old Brazilian tradition. It is tied around your wrist with three knots wherein you can make a wish with every knot. 3 knots = 3 wishes. Once the ribbon falls off your wrist, your wish will come true.

On the other hand, the Portuguese words printed on the bonfim soles are: Alegria (Joy), Diversão (Amusement), Empolgoção (Excitement), Euforia (Euphoria), Felicidade (Bliss).

MYOH 2014

And so I got my very own bonfim ribbons. Just perfect for my goals this year in which wishes can indeed be a handy.

MYOH 2014

I thought deeply of 3 things to wish while James Tubeo of Chubby Buddy did the knot.

MYOH 2014

And there you go with bonfims soles and ribbons.

MYOH 2014

MYOH 2014 is still ongoing in CDO until March 20 so hurry make your own havaianas and make a wish.

Miami’s Best Real Estate Agent

A saying goes, “20% of the agents do 80% of the business,” and if it is true, how and where are you gonna find that kind of agent? That someone who can really make your real estate transaction painless?

Unfortunately, it may not be necessarily the best who’s from the largest brokerage but someone who is an experienced professional can already be enough. The one who listens, projects an ethical manner and knows your market.

Well, meet lana bell at sothebys realty known to be one of the sharpest minds working in the Miami real estate market. She is that someone who knows how to combine analytical and emotonal aspects of buying real estate.

Warming Up for Muay Thai

In a weeks time, I’ll be starting my Muay Thai Classes. Then, probably in a few months after, I’ll be uploading a picture like the one below.haha Tough, the new sexy!

muay thai

Muay Thai is the famous “The art of Eight Limbs”. A Thai boxing that focuses on stand up fighting skills utilizing the fists, elbows, knees and kicks to deliver offensive strikes or defend oneself through counter attack methods.

I wanted to start immediately after my first visit at MUMMA gym but my excitement and eagerness is just not enough. The registration fee and monthly fee is always part of it but I can never start without the needed personal requirements or gears. And I’m talking about the boxing / mma gloves. I can readily have the hand wraps but the gloves is kinda expensive. And if it really is, we needed time to canvass to really get the best.

Now, that we finally found the perfect gloves, (although I really wanted it pink to match my pink hand wraps.haha) we are all set. After the Holy Week should be the perfect time to start.

For the meantime, I went to a gym as a remedy for my excitement and eagerness.haha My ala dress rehearsal before starting.

muay thai

front view: under armour, speedo, nike

muay thai

back view: under armour

muay thai

side view: skechers

muay thai

and with my gym buddy: pretty obvious, check (nike) from head to toe

During the gym workout!

muay thai


muay thai


muay thai


4 Victorious Secrets 4 Your Lingerie

There can really be something with lingerie that can help your confidence boost a lot. How you’ve longed to look seductively sexy or enticingly demure can now be achieved by just a piece of lingerie even if it’s hidden inside your garments or it’s only you who can see in your bedroom. But what happens if it turns out not? click for devils wink lingerie.

The 4 secrets are below:


StyLIZed Signed by Liz Uy at SM Cagayan de Oro

Last March 30, I had my StyLIZed signed by Liz Uy herself during her Book signing at SM Cagayan de Oro. It was a full pack whether a fashionista or not. Anyway, the book is not just all about that.

stylized signed by Liz Uy

In fact, I saw a couple of solo guys also lining themselves towards the stage for the book signing (I’m thinking it must be for their girlfriends.hehe).

stylized signed by Liz Uy

What Liz Uy wore during the book signing was a very simple dress in which everyone can pull off, paired with heels and of course a dash of lipstick to complete the outfit. Just like her book, StyLIZed, you can never go wrong with your daily wears as long as you have the essential pieces.

stylized signed by Liz Uy

On the other hand, what I wore during that day was actually a piece from her book.haha If you got one also, it’s the little black dress. See, our prints almost

stylized signed by Liz Uy

Of course, who would ever forget the obligatory selfie with Liz Uy?

stylized signed by Liz Uy

Still Undecided to buy the StyLIZed book? Here’s a sneak preview.

stylized signed by Liz Uy

Yes, you can finish scanning or reading in just a day but it is something you can browse every now and then everytime you have a style dilemma. That moment when you see everything in your closet but you just can’t find anything suitable to wear. Well, let Liz Uy do it for you with her newest, styLIZed book.

What is Vitamin B-17

A lot have been wondering the real identity of Vitamin B-12. Some say it is not a vitamin while others, there is no such.

They say it has never been an essential for normal growth and nutrition therefore not required in any diet that deals healthy body functioning.

But what about the term applied to laetrile, a discredited cancer drug, and amygdalin, the natural substance from which laetrile is made?

Quesions will continue to be asked behind vitamin b17 being sold as a dietary supplement as well in treating cancer.

April Pool Day at Country Village Hotel

A 12-day late post it is. As this was taken during the first day of April which makes me realize that heading to a beach or pool must be already our newly found hobby or routine during the start of a month. Just like last March and this coming May.

And so I called this April Pool Day to relate with April Fools’ Day which sometimes called All Fools’ Day.

Country Village Hotel

It’s actually one of the most light-hearted days of the year. But for us, it was really a damn hot

Country Village Hotel

No one really knows the origin but as some see it, it must be somehow related to the turn of the seasons. I totally agree, an obvious hot turn of summer season here in the Philippines.

Country Village Hotel

April Fools’ Day has already been an observance throughout the Western world which include the famous “fool’s errand” looking for things that don’t exist or trying to get people to believe ridiculous things.

Country Village Hotel

Well. it’s a pool errand for us at Country Village Hotel. Trying somewhere we rarely go to.

Country Village Hotel

swimwear from online shop (which I eyewear from artwork. shorts from mto customized shorts. slippers from vans.

Top Benefits of Wearing Wigs

Less Hassle

Whenever you have a party to attend, it would take like half a day to prepare for it primarily because of your hair. And it takes hours to achieve your desired hairdo. But with raquel welch wigs, there is no commitment anymore for that. Whether you change hair length, texture or hair color, that would now only be a matter of minutes.

Hair Protection

Of course, when you wear something as a cover just like how you wear your wig over your natural hair means it serves as protection. Especially during unpredictable weather that can cause damage such as thinning or breaking off and most especially protects your bald spots.


If compared to the price when you visit a salon, it may somehow be the same but it is something that can last longer. So definitely cheaper.

Selfie Sunday: Kim Ji Won as Inspiration

Kinda obsessed to Korean Drama The Heirs and aside from its melodramatic plot, the fashion sense of each Korean actress is surely part of it. In fact, I had my three favorite. First is Lee Boo Na’s effortless beauty followed by Rachel’s inborn fashion statement and of course Cha Eun Sang’s charisma how she is able to get a lot of men’s attention.

But for now, I’ll start with Kim Ji Won aka Rachel as she was selfie sunday inspiration, my ootd. I fell in love with her outfit below.

Kim Ji Won

Kim Ji Won

Then here’s my very own Kim Ji won inspiratiom outfit for my selfie sunday ootd.

Kim Ji Won

Kim Ji Won

Kim Ji Won

lace top thrifted. skater skirt from online shop. bag from mango. flats from spruce pinked.

Cheap Business Cards is Okay

There might be a huge impact to the Digital age shift doing most connections in social media networks like linkedin, monster, facebook or twitter. But the weight is incomparable to what we have always used to in offline proffesional world with good and old-fashioned business card.

Beside you can readily get cheap business cards from zoo printing for creating, customizing and printing high quality ones. In fact, the decision will all be your whether you want to be more in control of it that would describe about you. After all, that’s somethingyou need to leave a lasting impression with you prospects after friendly gestures have subsided.

Divergent and The Fault in the Stars Weird Cast Scenario

So, yesterday, I watched Divergent not because I was looking forward to it but it’s something worth to watch among the “now showing” movies in cinemas. I got this habit already to watch some trailers first just to get some idea or overview of the whole story and to look smart while guiding my boyfriend to the plot, so I carefully watched. What I found out is that the star is actually the same star in the movie, “The fault in the stars”. That would be cool seeing hazel grace in a very healthy role just gets me more excited to her next movie.

But what I didn’t see coming during the movie… “Is that Augustus Waters?” The first words I uttered. That’s weird when one star is already enough. And it’s getting weirder due to the fact that they are actually siblings in the movie.haha So they’ll gonna be like lovers in a few months? I believe Divergent is as well an ala hunger-games-sequel so they’re like be back to siblings again in a couple of months or a year?

Really weird! Plus, the acting of Ansel seems like the same as Augustus, not too fit with the cool role of Hazel grace as the divergent.

Websites for Print brokers

Image will always be everything, as print brokers would say. And a website would take everything a little less of burden in which the service and funcionality of the particular print shops they are working for. One way alsoto gain the trust of a number customers.

Especially to most print brokers who are always out in the office and on the road doing customer calls and hunting new perspective clients, website would truly be a handy. That would then be a 24/7 help system.

Getting Hooked to The Heirs Koreanovela

I can’t remember anymore as to when was my last time since I watched Koreanovelas but I am pretty sure I am always and easily hooked with it. The time when you just can’t stop watching it then, you realized you’re almost done with it.

So lately, my niece was talking about The heirs koreanovela and I really had no idea with it which makes me curious and ended up borrowing it. The next thing I know, I am already hooked and for my first day, I had finished 12 episodes (45 minutes for each episode).

the heirs

The all time famous lee min ho was the lead star. From his previous shows, I can tell the heirs has kinda the same story with meteor garden, boys over flower and etc which I believe Koreans are very fond of.

But what really intrigues me is the connection of each and everyone which makes almost all of them the lead stars and with their own respective somehow important character.

I can’t wait finising the whole series.

7 Tips on Hunting Video Cameras

From the number of cameras and camcorders that are being sold in the market, hunting video cameras is never a simple thing to do. But how are you actually gonna do that? Below are 7 tips to help and guide you.

  1. You should know your needs
  2. Stick with Your Budget
  3. Identify Important Features
  4. Stick to popular Brand names
  5. Read reviews
  6. Buy from a reputable store
  7. Make sure you know what you are buying or read the manual in case some parts might be missing

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